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Zanzibar's first and only National Park is centred on Jozani Forest. With mangrove forests and saltmarshes to the north of the National park, the area is an extremely rich mosaic of Zanzibar's diverse natural habitats, a Haven for much wildlife, including rare, endemic and endangered species.

Found only on the main island of Zanzibar, the Zanzibar Red Colobus is recognised as a separate species (Piliocolobus kirkii) and is said to be endemic to Zanzibar.


During your Jozani Forest Nature Trail, you can stroll at your leisure to visit The Mama Mtondoo - or the Mother Mahogany, thought to be over 200 years old, or see the two trees in one - the strangler fig and its partner - the sycamore fig, or view the raffia fern which boasts the largest leaf in the world.


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