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  Changuu Island Resort

Changuu Island Resort

The Zanzibar Archipelago is as mystic, beautiful and serene today as it has been for centuries. Zanzibar, a happy mix of Africa and Arabia; Noel Coward sang about it in the 1930s, Dr. Livingstone used it as an expedition base and it was the birth place of Freddy Mercury. The turquoise waters and white sands with the sun glinting off tin roofed residences.

Zanzibar is the second largest island on the East African coast and itís roughly about the size of Hertfordshire in UK, being about 53 miles long by 21 miles broad and having and area of 640 sq miles. It is situated in latitude 6 degrees south, longitude 39 degrees East, and it is separated from the African Continent by a channel 22 Ĺ miles across at its narrow part.

Prison Island offers two room categories, all in close proximity to the sea.

15 exclusive deluxe cottages are located in the north-west side of the island, discretely distributed along the sea-line, affording maximum privacy and seclusion.

The cottages are built in local materials and topped with traditional thatched roofs, achieving cool atmosphere day and night.

In the incomparable setting of the Prison Ruins, under the clear and unspoiled African skies, enjoy the legendary venues of cultural dances with the most romantic candlelight dinner.

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